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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

PTC World!!


Pay Per Click : USD0.005

Pay Per referral Click : USD0.001

Average Ads Per Day : 3 - 5 (standard member)

Minimum Payout : USD0.50

Payment Method : Alertpay / Paypal (Instant Payment)

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Pay per click : USD0.002 

Pay per referral click : USD0.001

Average Ads Per day : 8-9 (standard member)

Minimum Payout : USD1.00

Payment Method : Alertpay (Instant Payment)

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Pay per click : USD0.01

Pay per referral click : USD0.005

Average Ads per day : 8 - 10

Minimum Payout : USD5.00

Payout Method : AlertPay (Instant Payment) / Paypal (within 24hours)

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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Let's Comment!!

Give some comments and i will try to upgrade my blog!!Thanks!!

Something About Microworkers!!

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The first day I be a blogger!!

The existence of this blog is to share anything that happened around me with the friend i know or with other strangers..Thanks alot for those who visit my blog...Nice to meet you all!!!

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