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Let’s  talk about! Do you know what is microworkers? ‘Micro’ as we know it is something mini and small, while ‘Workers’ mean someone that work for an employer. is a site that offered some mini job for the workers (also known as members) to complete it and earned money. So, is a place for us to earn money by completing some simple tasks (jobs).  The tasks (jobs) at microworkers is provided by someone (also known as employer) who is looking for a manual job to be done, like example sign up a program, comments , subscribe to some video clips and many others.  The amount of a workers (members) to get paid by completing a task is depending on the time to finish up the job or the difficulty of the jobs. (Min from USD0.10 – USD1.50) and for US workers, there are at least USD0.20 per task settled.

How to join microworkers?   
Just following few simple steps :
1)     Visit the microworkers site at
2)      Sign up and verified your account.
3)      Make sure you submitted the correct mailing address and your personal details. (The purpose for you to submit the mailing address correctly is so you can received your activation pin that sent by microworkers.)
4)      After all these steps, you may begin to earn money.
5)      As your reward to sign up at microworkers, sign up bonus (USD1.00) will be added to your account. Sign up bonus only can be used to start campaign and you can not withdraw it as cash (The sign up bonus is separated from your earning account).

How to earn money as a workers?
1) If you wish to be a workers, then you should begin to select a task (micro job). You should only select the job that you are capable to finish it (if not, you will be rated as unsatisfied by your employer). The workers who get the success rate lower than 75% will be banned or suspended from microworkers.
2) To begin a job, simply click on ‘Available jobs’ , select the job that you are capable to finish it. Example : Neobux : sign up (click on the job name). Read the instruction ‘What is expected from the workers’ , (remember following all the steps the employer asked you to do). After finished the job, click on ‘I accept this job (a form will open below), submitted all the proof that required by your employer and click on ‘I confirm that I have completed this task’.
3) Lastly, wait patiently as your task will be rated by the employer within a week. If the task you submitted rated as ‘satisfied’ by your employer, then you will get PAID. The amount of your earning will be credited to your balance.
4) Don’t waste your time, continue with other micro job while waiting your task being rate.

How to be an employer?
1)       If you wish to hire people to complete a task for you, Example you need some referral for you PTC  Neobux, hire some workers to join Neobux and get them to click some Ads for you. Is it a win-win situation? You get to earn from your referrals’ clicks and they get paid by completing the task given.
2)      Now go to ‘my campaigns’,  click on ‘start a new campaign’, submitted all the details like category, time to finish the task, available position and how much the workers can earn by completing the task (min USD0.20 for US workers).
3)      Next, set up the title, what is needed to be done and required the proof of job finished.
4)      Lastly, submitted your campaigns and wait for your campaigns to be approved by microworkers.
5)      If you campaign get approved by microworkers (usually in less than 24 hours), then you may start to rate the job the submitted by the workers who accepted this campaign (rate whether satisfied or unsatisfied).
6)     There will be some cost charged by microworkers for you to start a campaign.

How  and when to request payout?
1.       You can request payout after your account balance reached minimum USD9.00 + Payment fee ( Payment fee is depending on the method you choose in order to get paid.)
2.     To withdrawal, go to ‘withdraw$’, click on ‘place the new withdrawal request’, submit all the details requested by mircoworkers and click ‘submit request’.
3.     Remember, if you are requesting the payout for the first time. Then you have to wait the activation pin to activate your withdrawal request. The activation pin will be sent to your mailing address (it takes 5 – 30 days for the pin to reach your house).
4.     Now, just wait for your payment.

How to earn much by using microworkers?
1.       As you sign up, you are given a referral link, example :
2.     Use this referral link to refer more friends to join microworkers.
3.     Bonus (USD1.00) is paid to your earning account as soon as the person you refer earned USD25.00.

So, What are you waiting for? Join us today and be a Microworkers. Good Luck!!

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