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The future of Health Care!!

Have you ever played the "what if" game? Einstein played 'what if' in order to discover his theory of relativity. "What if" opens up doors. And now that mainstream science has crossed the threshold into quantum science, we are witnessing more progress than ever before.
What if cancer isn't really a disease, but rather a behaviour? The question begs the next question, "What would it take to prevent that behaviour?" What if doctors are wrong about disease? Have doctors ever been wrong? Did you know that doctors in the 1800s believed that giving you a tobacco enema was good for you? If it was 1850 today, and you tried to argue with your doctor about the relative efficacy of tobacco enemas, he'd write you off as a nut case!
It seems to me that the attitude of the 1800s prevails even today. Do we want to bet the farm on a single roll of the dice? Who is asking the right questions for us? Who controls the medical system? Who benefits when you get sick? What would happen if no one got sick?

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