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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Miracle is now - How to add a 'Do-follow' Comment ? Follow this tutorial.

For sure, many people or new Internet marketing user must be wondering how to add a 'do-follow' comment. If you are one of them, please follow the guides below to add a 'do-follow' comment on other websites.

1. To add a comment, first you will need to find a blog (prefer blogspot). To search for a blog, go to Google blogs search  and search for the blog that suit to you. Type in the keyword - e.g. ' Internet marketing + blogspot ' to find a blog that hosted by blogspot.

2. Next, click on the website/blog that you are interested and visit it. Surf on that site for few minutes and find a suitable article to comment. In your comment, put in the anchor text in linked it with your URL. To make your anchor text clickable and do-follow, please use the HTML tag as below :

<a href="URL of target site">Description</a> and please add rel="dofollow" before the word description to make it a do-follow comment.

For example :

<a href=""rel="dofollow">miracle2u</a> 

3. Make sure your comment does not sound spammy and must related with the content of the article or you comment will be deleted by the website owner. Remember, not to put sentences like - ' Thank you for sharing ' , 'nice article' and so on. Your comment must be more than 20 words and try to use proper grammar with American name.

4. Congrats, you are now able to make a 'do-follow' comment.

Sincerely form,

The miracle team.


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